Samson Equipment

Las Cruces, New Mexico


As a family-owned business founded in 1977, Samson Equipment has built a strong reputation for innovative custom equipment designs and superior product quality. However, the company's outdated website and lackluster marketing materials weren't pulling their weight. Samson needed a creative boost and more accessible sales information.


We conducted research to identify the key product features that customers cared about most. Then we brought Samson's sales process up to date by rebuilding the product database and creating an editable, easy-to-use tool that enabled visitors to experience Samson's customized options. We designed the new site, and accompanying print ads, in a modern style that still reflected Samson's vintage toughness.


The new materials not only enlivened the authenticity of the brand, they opened up a channel to exploring a vast array of products that many of Samson's customers were not even aware of. Since the brand relaunch, Samson's business has been trending up faster than ever in the company's 36-year history, and it continues to gain share in both existing and new customer markets.

"Our customers routinely comment on our brand look and have raved about the new website. We've seen significant value in the investments we've made in our new marketing materials, and we're confident that Aars | Wells' work will continue to help us achieve our growth goals."

Scott Schroeder
Sales Manager