Catapult Health

Dallas, Texas


Catapult Health provides comprehensive, on-site medical checkups to the employee populations of businesses that want to take a proactive step in the battle against rising health care costs. The company first needed to convince both employers and employees of the unique value of a Catapult evaluation, and then make the checkup process as easy and engaging as possible.


We created a brand identity that perfectly characterized the company's mission and core strengths. It was then translated to stationary, a website, sales literature, direct marketing pieces, branded material, even a vehicle fleet. We then created a clean, user-friendly design for Catapult's Personal Health Report and "Understanding Your Results" chart.


The marketing materials now play a key role in both the sales process and the checkup process, and are a major component of Catapult's success in improving patient health statistics. Since the brand launch, the company has parlayed its unique business model and high patient satisfaction ratings into steady and compounding growth.

"I had worked with Aars | Wells before, so I was confident they were the right team to help us develop our brand identity. Throughout the process—and at times under tight deadlines—they consistently performed beyond expectations and provided great work that fit our needs on every level. In addition to helping us build an excellent suite of marketing tools, they're also genuinely nice folks who have always demonstrated sincere enthusiasm for our brand. Our partnership with Aars | Wells has been a real win for Catapult Health."

-David Michel