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Following the 2010 explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico, and the resulting environmental catastrophe, BP faced enormous challenges in recruiting and retaining top talent. To make matters even more difficult, the company needed to fill more than 6,000 positions globally to maintain its production output and market position. BP tapped into the mutual talents of The Keever Group, SAS Design UK and Aars | Wells for help.


As part of BP's global upstream recruiting team, we developed strategies and creative elements that helped BP make a positive impression on top quality recruits around the world. Our work consisted of collateral production and promotions for recruitment marketing events, local market advertising campaigns, and assistance developing BP's Employment Referral Program (ERP).


Thanks to the combined efforts of the three firms involved, BP exceeded it's hiring goals and even achieved an 85% applicant acceptance rate, indicating that the marketing reached qualified recruits very effectively. Additionally, use of BP's ERP increased from 2% to 17% in just one year's time. BP's recruitment and retention success has arguably played an important role in helping the company rebuild its corporate image.

"The Aars | Wells team were invaluable partners, providing advertising and design support to BP after the company had experienced the worst crisis in the oil and gas industry. Thank you for your contributions to BP's global attraction strategy, which contributed to the unprecedented hiring of 3000 employees in the U.S. alone."

-Sue Keever Watts
Interim Global Events Manager

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