Naturally Slim

Dallas, Texas


Naturally Slim provides an effective approach to weight loss, but it competes in a crowded and highly competitive field. What's more, prospects needed some education and encouragement in order to be compelled to try the program, given its pricing and unique, web-based format. To perform at its best, the company needed a brand identity that reflected its core values, and a website that produced better sales performance.


We created a modern, refreshing brand identity that represented the company's healthy and practical approach. Then we created a website that blended emotional photography, compelling content and high-energy video testimonials, and we reconstructed the online purchasing process so that new account setups were as easy and secure as possible.


In the year following the website launch, sales volume grew by 45% and site traffic was up 52%. The reinvented brand and website have helped Naturally Slim acquire a substantial amount of new clients, widen its geographic territory and increase market share in the corporate wellness arena.

"The team at Aars | Wells has been a great partner in our corporate branding efforts and in the development of our digital materials. It was critical, as we transformed from a local enterprise, to build a brand and website that supported our national growth strategy. Sales have grown rapidly through our national distribution model and have been supported in-kind with the creative foundation Aars | Wells put in place for us."

-Brad Bierman
Chief Information Officer
NS412, Inc.